Embrace the Unique, Retro or Ugly

You might have places in your house that are particularly special. A kitchen made out of reclaimed wood. A towering stone fireplace. A loungeroom that is like time-travelling back to the 1950s. A place decorated or styled in a completely unique and wonderful way. 

In contrast, you may hate certain features or rooms in your house. Not all of us, after all, can afford to live in a mansion or the cost of that bathroom renovation we desperately want. And shoots don’t want that, right? 

You have a grungy, concrete laundry under the house with a bare light-bulb. Your kitchen has beaten-up cupboards and awful brown linoleum that you hate with a passion. There’s the 1970’s bathroom. And that bedroom with a crazy wallpaper and an orange and brown carpet. 

You see a platform like Skoutli and think, “No one would want to film in my house!” And so you don’t put your house up, even though you could use a bit of extra cash.

But in fact, the “ugliest”, the strange, the unique in your home may end up being its best assets. These rooms stand out. They may be quirky and larger than life. Places that have real character and will catch the eye of someone looking for an interesting location. 

Your place may also offer a specific aesthetic that is hard to locate in a general database: creepy, outdated, well-worn, eccentric, or inspired by a particular period or design. For instance, a creepy laundry for a horror film, or an eccentric bedroom for a hippy aunt. And if a film is set in the 1970s then that original 1970’s bathroom might be exactly what the filmmaker is after.

Don’t be afraid therefore of highlighting the unusual, or distinct features of your place. If you imagine your house as telling a story… What stories do the rooms tell you?