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Privacy & Communication

At Skoutli, we're committed in maintaining the privacy of our users. Skoutli is a marketplace that is designed to be mutually beneficial based on shared trust. To keep Skoutli functioning effectively, we know it is important for members to be able to communicate easily with each other. However, to keep everyone in our community safe we have guidelines and policies that cover how you communicate. We don't allow our members to:

  • Make offers to rent a listing outside of Skoutli
  • Send spam
  • Threaten others, or use profanity or hate speech
  • Exchange any personal information (except names), including email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information
  • Send viruses, malicious code, or software through our messaging service

Some guidelines to follow

  • Please carry out all communication and payment on Skoutli
  • Please don't ask for or share any contact details before a commitment is made on Skoutli
  • Please don't mention (accidentally) where to find your contact details even if you're a business
  • Please don't mask your contact details (Example: using at gmail dot com or spell our phone numbers in words)

Using Skoutli for your payments and communications ensures that you're protected under our Terms of Service, refund policies and other safeguards. It also makes it easy for us to find and reference important reservation details whenever you need our help. Paying or communicating outside of Skoutli makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security vulnerabilities.

Never pay for your reservation outside of Skoutli and if someone asks you to pay for a reservation outside system, please contact us immediately.

Common Questions

Are your messages monitored by Skoutli?

We may monitor messages (together with any attachments) sent between members for fraud, abuse, spam, illegal content, and other policy violations. We keep a copy of all communications which can be used to help in these circumstances. While we understand members may wish to keep communications private, if you contact members through channels other than Skoutli, we can't help if problems arise.

What can I do about a listing owner/user threatens me?

If you ever receive a threat, report it to us immediately. We'll look into it and determine what action is needed, which could include suspending the person's account indefinitely. You should also report threats to local law enforcement.

What if a feedback left by a user is inaccurate or unfair?

On request, we may remove some kinds of feedback if it contains any hate speech or abuse or profanities. We would recommend getting in touch with the member and asking them to revise their feedback.


Using Skoutli for the first time? Don't worry we've got you covered.

Skoutli's public, advertising and product liability insurance covers $20,000,000 in damages. All bookings made through Skoutli are automatically insured at no additional cost. This is why it is important to carry out all communication and bookings on Skoutli. We are committed to the sharing and thoughtful use of the listings on the platform. You can be rest assured they’re covered whether any damages are contingent, in excess or directly dictated by the specific situation.

If you have a question about the insurance, please contact us directly.

Common Questions

How Does it Work for a host?

The sum insured is up to $20 million for public liability claims (any one occurrence), $20 million for product liability claim (any one occurrence and in the aggregate during the Policy Period) and $20 million for advertising injury (any one occurrence).

How Does it Work for a client / producer?

If anything happened to a property and is under $500 the client / producer will be charged for it, if it's anything over $500, the client will be charge for the $500 premium and the rest will be covered by the insurance.

Who is covered by the insurance?

Our coverage is known as a General Liability (GL) insurance, protecting space providers from injury or property damage liability claims when their space is used during a booking. This coverage is automatic and the protection amount is guaranteed up to $20,000,000 for all bookings on Skoutli that comply with our terms and conditions.

What do I need to do to be covered under this policy?

By listing your property on Skoutli, you are automatically covered. To qualify, bookings must be completed and paid in full via Skoutli, subject to the policy terms and our terms of service.

How does this compare to business or homeowners insurance?

Skoutli has designed a policy specifically tailored to provide coverage for short-term space use. This policy supplements and expands the coverage available under the provider’s existing business or homeowner’s policy. This insurance is not a replacement for insurance that you normally carry on your business or residence (i.e. a homeowner’s or commercial general liability policy).