Filming Locations in Melbourne

 The major film studios and large advertising agencies are not the only ones in need of a filming location in Melbourne. People who take photos or shoot scenes for videos and short films also look to book indoor and outdoor spaces. Among the top 10 filming locations for hire in Melbourne are some places you would expect and others that may surprise you. 

 Just about any home, apartment or living space is welcome for booking. They include mansions and more humble places. They can be tidy, but, sometimes, a dilapidated residence meets the requirements that creative people are looking for. The dwelling can be contemporary or it can be from another time. Maybe your search of online photos will turn up a home or room in the Queen Anne, Victorian or modern style. 

 Adult bedrooms with a single bed, double bed, queen- or king-sized bed as well as children's bedrooms may be available. Some have natural light from a window. So, if you want a bedroom that indicates that its occupant enjoys a contemporary style, you as the person doing the shooting might choose a well-lit room with light-colored walls and furnishings. 

 A bathroom for hire is an advantage for a filmmaker. The art department does not have to perform the tedious and costly task of outfitting the space. And a booked room already looks authentic because it is being lived in. 

Kitchens are a top filming location in Melbourne. Like bathrooms, ones for hire have appliances and utensils. Modern, open-plan kitchens are currently popular.  Maybe your photo search reveals a kitchen with the white walls and cabinetry that you want.  Or, perhaps, one with medium-colored wood cabinetry meets your needs.
If available, a Hamptons-style kitchen introduces elegance and comfort. As a photographer, filmmaker or videographer, you may be able to find a kitchen that is just the right size you need. Why set up one in a large studio space when you can get a ready-made kitchen? 

 Living rooms are another category in the top filming locations in Melbourne.  Your search might reveal a room with a large, boldly colored sofa or a combination living room/ gym. Another finding may be a room that borrows its style from the Moulin Rouge.  

 One video for a major online seller/reseller was shot in a brightly lit, modern laundry room that pictured people dancing happily. Most people use a room such as this to wash clothes. However, creative people may use it as a setting to convey a lifestyle, aspiration or mood.  

 These rooms, which come in a variety of styles, are popular.  Maybe a dining area with a view of the water is available. Or, an elegant private dining area or a dining area on a lower floor accessible by a contemporary staircase. 

People who tell stories or want to convey an idea know that stairs can have meaning.  For instance, a scene in the film "Sunset Boulevard," Gloria Swanson walks down an elaborate staircase.
This descent put the spotlight on her life in decline from noted actress to deranged murderer. Your search may return stairs of different types. Among them are wooden ones, industrial ones and quirky, rustic ones. 

 Now we move from an indoor location in Melbourne to an outdoor one. Maybe your project requires a shot of the outside of a structure. Your online search through photos may reveal a home from the 1950s, one with a brick veneer or one made of wood that has a rustic look.  

Book gardens and lawns large or small. Some have chairs and tables, others do not. Some appear well-tended while others look as if young children have really enjoyed playing on them. What you choose is all about the mood you want to suggest.
You can earn money by allowing people to hire your home. Skoutli is a company that connects creative people with people who have homes and apartments for rent. If you are the person who lives in a proposed rental, when you sign up as a host, you set the price. If you need a filming location in Melbourne, you contact the host. To get started, go online to Skoutli