Staircase photoshoot ideas

Being a photographer can be a challenge. You need to always know how to creatively use your environment. Most importantly, you should come up with creative ways to use things like your stairs to come up with graphically interesting pictures. If you're looking for the best staircase ideas for professional photoshoot moments, you should keep on reading. 

Consider the Gear Being Used 

When you're trying to get the perfect shot from your professional photoshoot on your stairs, you should know that the type of gear that you use matters the most. For example, when you use your wide-angle lens, it helps to exaggerate any twists and turns that are in your spiral staircase. On the other hand, if your aim is to bring staircases that are outside buildings towards your subject, you should consider using a telephoto lens. If you'll be shooting on stairs that have reflective glass in the background, packing a polarizer should be a good idea. Similarly, packing your tripod should help you to ensure that the stairs that you shoot from are perfectly aligned. 

Your gear plays a crucial role in giving you the kind of shot that you want bidders to go for. This is why it's impressive for you to plan ahead and know the type of staircase that you'll be using for your professional photoshoot. If you have the time, you should consider scoping the area before your scheduled photoshoot. 

Use the Lines as a Guide

When you're shooting on a staircase, it can be easy to guide your eye towards your subject. The fact is that a staircase should lead you somewhere. So, it makes it simpler to use the stairs to guide you to a specific feature or point that you want to focus on. Alternatively, you can end up using the staircase effectively and creatively to hide something in your photo. There are various ways that you can use your stairs to lead your audience's eye towards or away from something. Using this technique is called using your lines to guide your eye during a photoshoot. 

Do Something Different with Spirals 

You've likely seen the overdone shot where someone stands at the top or bottom of a spiral staircase to get a shot. While this is no doubt a beautiful and probably classic shot, you still want to be differentiated from every other photographer. You should consider trying something different. For example, get your subject to lie down at the bottom. Or you can get them to hang from the stairs to create something different. You should always try something different to get the most out of your shot. Great photographers aren't afraid to try out new things. 

Consider Movement and Size

When it comes to a professional photoshoot, you should always remember to exaggerate certain aspects to get the most out of your picture. If you're shooting on a more conventional staircase, you should consider using a wide-angle lens. This should help you to create the illusion of a much wider and longer staircase. If you're planning on going in the city, you should think of bringing your slow shutter speed to help you blur the background movement. You should also use your zooming in and out features to fill your frame, especially if you have patterns that are repetitive. 

Enhance Reflections 

If you want to be different, you should try your best to use the other components of your environment. For example, you can manipulate your reflections. You can use your polarizer to create symmetry in your shoot. In addition, this should also help you to manipulate your reflection to enhance any patterns. There are different things that you can do such as altering the angle of your images to ensure that you get the most out of your picture. 

Be Different 

At the end of the day you don't want to do what everyone else is doing. This is why it's very important for you to find out what works for you and to make sure that it works in all your photos. Let's say that you want to improve your subject's height for example. You can try to lower down your camera to give an illusion of height. Another thing that most photographers are afraid of doing is experimenting with color. You should be bold enough to create depth in your photos with various color combinations. 
In summary, having the best staircase ideas for professional photoshoot moments should help you improve the next time you take your camera to play. If you want to learn more about photoshoot ideas, you should check out Skoutli to book a location for your next shoot.