Photoshoot Locations in Sydney

 To choose a location for a family photoshoot, you should consider the reasons for doing the shoot, the look and feel you are aiming for and the accessibility of the site. Specifying all of these will be your best guide in choosing the location. 

Your family must feel comfortable where the shoot takes place, both literally and figuratively. Older family members may need to be able to sit comfortably, but a younger family could rather prefer to be somewhere a little more rugged.
Being relaxed during the shoot is another factor. An outgoing and easily adaptable family could choose a more public spot, but if some family members are shy, then you should steer clear of public places.
The location must fit in with what your family is like. If you are an outdoorsy, active family, then going out into the mountains is an option. If you are a more refined and quieter family, then choose a more intimate shoot at home, or in a studio.
Convenience and accessibility also need to be considered. If your family is spread out, choose a central spot. A more rugged or distant spot may not suit elderly family members, 

When you are looking for a location for your family shoot, ask yourself two simple questions:
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What look and feel do I want?
If your aim is to produce a formal family portrait, then you may choose a studio or a neutral location. If you want a more informal image of your family’s intrepid nature, then it may be a natural, even rugged site.
The look and feel you desire may be natural, homey, or adventurous. It may be linked to the style of your home décor, or to familiar colours. The location must match what you ‘see’ when you plan the shoot. 

 The location you choose can either offer something significant for your family, or could be more neutral. There are certain general types of locations to consider, before settling on the specific place. 

Doing a family shoot at home offers you a lot of advantages. It is free and easily accessible; it suits your family’s look and nature; and it will ensure everyone will feel at ease. It is more convenient for at least most family members. 
Just because your home is so familiar and comfortable, it may be the precise location that you don’t want to use. This is where the purpose of the shoot is important to remember. 

A photographic studio can be one of the best photoshoot locations in Sydney. It is a neutral space, which is really like an artist’s blank canvas, so you will have many opportunities for creative choices, and there is controlled lighting You can also choose a studio at a convenient location for most of your family members. 
A studio could be unfriendly and too sterile, though, so you may be looking for a more natural setting that will suit your look and feel better. 

 A natural setting can be calming and interesting. You could choose the Australian Rockery Lawn at the Royal Botanical Gardens, with its spring-flowering plants and backdrop of the harbour. A more rugged place could be Sylvia Falls in the Blue Mountains, which is not as easily accessible, but is a magnificent and unique location. 

 Sydney offers a variety of city locations: from something iconic, like the steps of the Opera House, which is one of the best photoshoot locations in Sydney; to a historical location, such as the steps opposite the Pavilion at Bondi Beach; or a city park, such as Bicentennial Park.  

Consider the time of year, which can alter the colours and atmosphere; and the time of day, when light is an important factor.
Find out if there are any costs for the venue and how accessible it is: How will your family get there? Will they have to walk any distance to the spot?

Choosing the best location for your family photography is simple: Seek out some of the best photoshoot locations in Sydney, or use your back garden, but make the choice guided by your answer to ‘Why?’ and ‘What look?’